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Rolling in


These are  the typical clouds rolling in during a Florida summertime. You never know when thunder boomers will strike. You would be amazed that despite the gorgeous, clear skies in the morning, you could be drenched from rain showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. My advise:  those working on their perfect tan have to start heading to the beach early. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

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“If the sight of blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has the power to move you, if the simple things in nature have the message that you understand, rejoice, for your soul is alive.”

-Eleonara Duse

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Let Go and Let God


“If you are scared of something, it means that you have to dig a little bit deeper.” – Borrowed quote

Don’t you think these shoes look like they are going somewhere, but couldn’t decide which direction to take? Don’t we feel this way sometimes?  Turn between two roads; sometimes lost, and stuck.

Well, fortunately I don’t feel this way right now. But, if you are –  don’t fear! It happens to each and everyone of us, and sometimes there is really nothing to do but to let life take its natural course.

Let go and let God!



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“The proper measure of success is not how much you’ve closed the distance to some far-off goal, but the quality of what you’ve done today.” – SJ Sonia Sotomayor


I have to remind myself of this quote every time I face challenges in my graduate program. It won’t take long. One more year…

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I can feel it. Now that I am finally done with my commitments this summer I know that I will have my piece of serenity in the next few weeks. I am quite excited!

“Boredom is a feeling that everything is a waste of time; serenity, that nothing is.”

– Thomas Szasz