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A New Season


It’s just a few more days and spring will officially be here. Yea! I must admit, spring is my favorite season because it comes after a dull and cold winter. Spring always brings an unusual charm that allures me to get outside to enjoy the fresh air and radiant sunshine. That alone sounds invigorating, doesn’t it?

After reconciling my relationship with my DSLR camera which I neglected for years in favor of graduate school, I am back to my beloved role of shutterbuging. And, in honor of my very first blog for 2017, I would like to share with you some of my favorite images I captured. They are in celebration of the upcoming new season – spring!






“Is the spring coming?” he said. “What is it like?”. . . “It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine . . .” —Frances Hodgson Burnett




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Photo Challenge: ObJect

OBJECT (Feb.2014)

feb. 2nd week 036

feb. 2nd week 037

Since Spring term has started last month, my life has been a marathon of non-stop action. Juggling my teaching job, tutoring, married life, and graduate school has required me to create work around and a system of hot fixes and patches (to use computer metaphor) to keep things humming smoothly. I feel like I am a superwoman, except for at the end of the day I look like a rundown old tired sack of potatoes.  I feel sorry for my husband who I know craves for my attention at times. Poor hubby! I am sure he would perfectly fit the description of a Desperate Husband should Hollywood come calling.

I guess that explains why my take for last week’s Photo Challenge is late. My schedule is crazy. If I am not cleaning the house or doing dishes, I am in front of the computer writing a report or research paper.  Even when I do escape for “ME” time to the beach is now being consumed by brainstorming ideas for my Service Learning Project. And, that exactly was what I was going last weekend when a man in  his ultra-light aircraft flew low in front, behind, and all around my husband and I while we were sitting on the beach.  I was totally captivated! I dropped my notebook, dismissed any thoughts about my project, and for a moment he became the OBJECT  of our attention. He obviously was having the time of his life. Oh boy, I was  jealous!

“The mirror reflects all objects without being sullied.” – Confucius


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Photo Challenge: Beginning

BEGINNING (Jan.2014)


Many of us kick off the start off the New Year by making resolutions. Last year, I made a list of 24 specific goals, and, as usual, I didn’t make it to the last one. I was able to accomplish 15 of them, however, which I thought was not so bad. So as 2014 dawns, I cut down my resolution to one. This year, all I want is to continue giving my very best each day; focusing only on what is good and what is worthy. Maybe, just maybe, I can keep it this year.


“It is not how we begin; it is how we finish…”  Borrowed quote