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Happy 12th

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September is a very special month for me and my husband as it marks our wedding “monthsary.” This year is our 12th and we both could not believe it. It seems like only yesterday when we said our “I dos” in our most cherished beach wedding in Florida in 2009.

Since then, we have made it a tradition to commemorate our sweet union on the beach to remind ourselves of our forever promise to love each other for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part. I guess by now you can tell that we are both members of the hopeless romantic club – no doubt about it.

Since we are currently slow traveling in Algarve, we decided to celebrate our Happy 12th on Praia de Faro (Faro Beach) located in Faro, the capital of the Algarve.

Connected by a single lane bridge from the mainland, Praia de Faro is considered a popular alternative holiday destination both for locals and tourists who are searching for a relaxed and easy-going atmosphere.

The low-rise hotels, bars, and restaurants are in the center of the beach. Unlike other beaches we visited in the Algarve, Praia de Faro is not as hectic and crowded. On the contrary, the main activities on the beach include getting a tan, chilling at bars and restaurants, or simply enjoying its spectacular quiet scenery (minus the roar of a ferocious Atlantic surf) with a good book.

What we found remarkable about this beach was its glorious sugary albeit golden sands that extended for 5km along the coast of Faro Island. Its ambiance very much reminded us of Sunset Beach in Florida with one notable exception, the Gulf of Mexico’s inviting bathtub temps. Unfortunately, the sea water of Praia de Faro is not for a wimpy swimmer like me. Its sea temperature is shockingly cold. It feels frigid! Yes, even in summer. However, if you are into surfing in a toasty wetsuit, then you are definitely at the right place. Its waves are strong enough for your kind of fun.

The highlight of our anniversary celebration was, of course, our simple dinner date on the beach.

My husband, the king of little gestures of endearment, made it extra special by making an advanced reservation at Amare Beach Club to guarantee a table for us. One thing I liked about this restaurant, besides the good food, was its amazing interior and beach view. No wonder it was one of the busiest dining places on the beach.

Our server sat us on the terrace overlooking the beach. This gave us the opportunity to watch a captivating sunset. The dropping of the sun was like a giant ball of fire descending  into the ocean and disappearing below the horizon. There was no word to describe it but simply magical. 

My husband and I were finishing up our last bite and getting ready to pick up the check when – guess what – our server came out with a surprise. Pyrotechnics with some bubbly. “What!” I marveled in amazement. At first, I did not know what was going on. I only realized that this dramatic production was intended for us when our server came to our table greeting us a happy anniversary.

My husband and I were both totally caught off guard and in awe that I almost missed capturing the amazing gesture digitally. Thankfully my husband hastily reminded me to hurry up and snap a photo for a souvenir shot (not to mention an iron clad FB moment) before it all ended. Oh, that was a near miss!

Like anything unexpected or not planned, this little element of surprise from our server made our Happy 12th even more memorable. What a sweet gesture.

The best things happen unexpectedly.”

To many more years together of matrimonial bliss and great adventures, cheers!

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