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Ten in Ten

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It was 2009 when I first moved here in the United States. I must admit, while I was oblivious to the things God had in stored for me, I had no fear nor doubt in my heart. I knew that I was marrying the man I prayed for, and I was confident that everything would be fine – or even lovely.

Fast forward, 2019 quickly flew by marking my ten years here in the US official. As I look back at how the last decade had shaped me, I couldn’t help feeling truly grateful for the many blessings and challenges that made me the person I am right now. So, for my first blog in 2020, let me recount my ten achievements in ten years.

1. Got married to my loving husband;
2. Got my US Driver’s License (not my expertise);
3. Completed several teacher courses and passed the state’s teacher licensure examination making me credentialed to teach ESOL here in the US;
4. Became a US citizen;
5. Graduated from my master’s degree program in TESOL;
6. Achieved my ultimate goal and dream job to become a college instructor;
7. Presented in TESOL conferences both locally and abroad;
8. Got published in a TESOL publication/book;
9. Selected as an English Language Fellow, a project by the US State Department; and,
10. Travelled with my husband to different cities both locally and abroad, checking off some items on our bucket list.

ten in ten

Despite some hurdles along the way, it was a great 10 years. I owe an honorable mention to my husband who has been a great lover, friend, supporter, and travel companion. He often calls us the perpetual honeymooners, and so I acquiesce for that’s what we are.

Going forward, I pray for more decades of joy and marvelment as we travel life’s journey together. God bless us all and Happy New Year to everyone!

“And suddenly you know… It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.” – M. Eckhart

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