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New York City: Imagine

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NYC Kent 2018 241

Entrance: Strawberry Fields

Central Park was featured in one of the very first movies I shared with my husband, the classic comedy the “Out of Towners.” Being first, in some ways it has some sentimental significance for both us. I guess, that’s one of the reasons why it was hard to exclude  from our list of places to visit in New York City. Besides that, being a Beatles fan, my husband has also a more personal mission – to pay his respect to John Lennon’s  Imagine Memorial which is located in Strawberry Fields.


Imagine Memorial Mosaic

As everyone knows, John and Yoko used to live in the Dakota Apartments which is just adjacent to the Strawberry Fields in Central Park. He was shot in December 1980 in front of  Dakota which took his life, and since then the 2.5 acres of Central Park was dedicated to his memory. It is named after the Beatles’ song “Strawberry Fields Forever” written by John. It is a place he was said to have sat with his son many times and enjoyed the park.


Entrance: Dakota Apartments

During our visit, a local musician played Beatles’ songs while people poured in to pay their respect to John and view the beautiful “Imagine” Memorial mosaic. I must say, it was a heart-warming experience for me despite my lack of connection with the band. We took some photos, sat for a while to enjoy the moment, and then headed to the Dakota to see the apartment where he used to live.

It is still unfathomable to me how so quickly and so senseless someone could take a life of someone like John who was a peacemaker, very talented and still had a lot of beautiful music to offer. Life is sometimes very mysterious! I guess our trip to his memorial was another reminder that life is fleeting, and indeed we should revel in every minute of time we have.

         bucket list 5” Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world as one.”

                                                                    – by John Lennon

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