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Chronicle 9: Summer Term 2018

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We just concluded our Summer Term a couple of days ago. As I anticipated, it went dramatically fast and furious. After I started my Instructional Design course in mid-June, things really started to pile up. While my teaching classes had some interesting twist and turns, it was my ID course that I found to be a hornet’s nest. Immediately after reading the syllabus and the amount of coursework to be completed, I knew that it would be a nightmare for me as I was already dealing with teaching four classes. Like anyone who smells trouble, my first impulse was not even to open the Pandora’s Box, but rather head rapidly for the closest exit. While my ever supportive husband agreed with my plan, he asked me to give bailing some thought – at least for a day or two. So, I did. After some serious consideration and a promise from my husband that he would cover for me in some of my household responsibilities, I eventually decided to go with the flow and suck it up. It was the praise I received from my instructor after my first assignment that gave me the nudge I needed. Plus, as I slowly discovered, it turned out that my instructor’s bark was worse than her bite.

It was tough as most all summer sessions are! Nearly every week, I had to read 3 chapters, take quizzes, and work on written/technology related projects. I had to cloister myself in a self-imposed “house arrest” sentence every weekend to meet the deadlines. However, while the coursework was huge, considering I had limited time to study and complete the assignments, there’s no denying, the course content was rich and valuable. In 6 weeks, I accomplished a lot. Not only was I able to learn valuable Apps that I can incorporate in my ESOL classes, but I was also able to create my e-teaching portfolio and web site which I had as a goal for a very long time. So, what started as a nightmare for me turned out to be a blessing in the end. That being said, indeed Gugu Mona was right, and I quote, “When God says run, don’t relax, just run. It is for a reason.”


Playing with brushes and water color while on my summer break…

How are you doing this summer?


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