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Spring Break 2018

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My glorious week is just winding down from a self-imposed staycation to celebrate our Spring Break 2018. Here I sit getting ready to get back to work again. Although it was quick, I couldn’t be more grateful for having a brief interlude both from classes I teach this term and the graduate course I am currently attending. I know that every time I have a break from work (Spring Break, Winter Break, summer vacation, Teachers’ Day and so on), my husband is always green with envy. I understand many people assume teachers have lots of holidays on their calendars. However, the reality is during those holidays many of us are also working (yes, we are!) – only now at home. That is exactly what I ended up doing during this Spring Break. There was just a magnitude of work on my to-do list, and I was resolved to address each one during this brief respite. Thankfully, I did not disappoint myself.

Despite staycationing in the comfort of our home – spending most of my time in my office – working, and then roaming from one part of the house to another – I would not characterize my Spring Break as pitiful and boring. On the contrary, it’s the opposite. I understand that it has been a tradition among many people during Spring Break to travel and party. Obviously, that was not my priority this time (old chick here anyway). While we have some plans to travel this year, we are waiting for the perfect timing and weather (which also include the wild, “crazy”, and young revelers to migrate again north from Florida). So, what could be more exciting to do on my break but hang out with my own Brad Pitt 24/7. Oh yeah! My husband (BP in another lifetime) and I accomplished many things we had on our need-to-do and nice-to-do lists. However, I must say, the real thrill was getting the chance to spend each day together in complete solace and contentment. We are truly grateful!

Here are some images I captured while shilly-shallying and  dillydallying:

blog_springbreakEnjoying nature’s beauty
blog_springbreak2Visiting an art gallery

“Spring breathes new life into the world around us.”

Thank you for reading!


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