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Live Well or Just Live


The past couple of months were truly challenging. Everything went by like a gust of wind; there was hardly any chance for me to breathe. I was sprinting from one course requirement to another. It was an ordeal, especially the idea of sitting for the Comprehensive Exam, which I considered a high stake test as it determined whether I would graduate or not. For preparation, all test takers for the Comp Exam were given four concepts for each of the eight core courses in our program, which was a total of 28 different concepts to commit to memory. Although the exam only required us to explain 5 concepts, still we needed to study all the materials as questions were randomly picked. The exam was also timed which made it more stressful. Thus, I assumed when the test paper was passed around, every one of us hit the ground and running – as fast as we could. It was nerve-wracking, especially the waiting time for the results. No wonder when I received my e-mail announcing the outcome, I couldn’t help not to get teary-eyed. It was a feeling of relief and gratefulness for being able to get through and pass the exam.

Despite the Comprehensive Exam’s result, however, still the two weeks that followed were a marathon of  research papers writing  and final exams preparation. These two tasks combined I am determined to believe are my Waterloo. As a field dependence (a big-picture) person, my ability lies in looking at the field as a universal whole, rather than analyzing variables without the contamination of neighboring parts (makes sense?). Add to that my being a right-brain person who is more comfortable in inductive (e.g. processing holistic, integrative & emotional information) rather than deductive (e.g. logical, analytical, linear processing) data. In short, looking at minute details is not my cup of tea, which I realized eventually is a “disaster” when dissecting information imbedded in abstract evidence, in particular statistical data in research. I must admit, this Term was surely rough and tough. But again, we don’t stop in pursuing our goals and dreams simply because it is difficult, do we? Justice Sonia Sotomayor says, and I quote, “People who live in difficult circumstances need to know that happy endings are possible” (My Beloved World, 2014). That being said, I want to believe that my sacrifices will bear fruit one day, and that I can honestly say that I just didn’t live my life; I have lived it well. I gave it my best shot!

Now that the Spring Term is finally over (and it looks like I passed all my courses this Term, Thank God!), I am taking a mini break just enjoying the tranquility around me, and the joy of inactivity. Hmmm, what a wonderful life!

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End-of-the-School-Year, Epcot Adventure with my friends

2 thoughts on “Live Well or Just Live

  1. Very well said as always. All the best…you deserve it!

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