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February Update

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February Update

February, I must say, was quite eventful. Quite ironic that I began the month with an annual check-up to ensure good health, and yet despite passing all the medical tests, I was not able to escape the common cold bug which made me end my February in bed – sneezing, coughing, and feeling rundown. Nonetheless, besides this minor health encounter, everything went lovey dovey.

Here’s the three important highlights of my L (looking) F (Feeling) B (Being) G (Good) 365 Day Challenge in February:

Valentine Surprise

Roses from hubby

#41. LFBG 365 Day Challenge. My turn to surprise my Valentine. I don’t usually do this – especially not on Valentines. I must admit I am a typical wife who likes to be swept away by her prince charming in every romantic way on Vday. However, I changed my rule this year. I snuck a box in his office before going to bed. Unfortunately, my gift was a flop (wrong size), but my card saved the day; husband thought it was a winner. Indeed love begets love!

CROP Walk to Stop Hunger

#45 LFBG 365 Day Challenge. Walking for a cause. I immediately made my plan to join this event as soon as I read the information on a bulletin board in a nearby church. My husband was a little bit worried that I would not last, but I actually made it. My friends and I finished 3.5 miles (super walking) in 45 minutes. It was a breeze and a hoot to be with friends doing something meaningful.

TESOL Mini-Conference: Tech Day

february 4

#49 LFBG 365 Day Challenge. Tesol Mini-conference. Despite the raining, my coughing, sneezing, and sniffing I made it through the event. I am sure what kept me strong during the 3 talks/workshops I attended was my persistence, if not my eagerness to visit the uniquely beautiful and historical campus of the Tampa University  Well, After the conference, my flu took hold very aggressively and put me to bed for days. No regrets, however.

“This is the highest wisdom that I own; freedom and life are owned by those alone who conquer them each new day.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

My March update will be coming up soon. Thanks for reading, and have a blessed day!


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