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Waiting Room


“Good things come to those who wait.”

I have been waiting for this moment. Thanks to Daily Post for this interesting topic. This title just hit the nail on the head. The quote definitely got my attention, enough for me to sit down and get my creative juices flowing. I have to admit, the past couple of months have been demanding. With my teaching job, graduate school, and wifely duties, it was like being pulled in all directions. But despite some challenges, I cannot complain: my life has always been an ah-mazing ride, no matter what.

I am in a holding pattern, in a waiting room, so to speak as far as my graduate school is concern. I am aware that I am almost near the finish line, and I keep telling myself it’s just two more semesters left. Yes, two more semesters! It may sound short but, the truth is, it means I still half of the year to keep my nose to the grindstone. I don’t consider the course per se as my biggest challenge; it is juggling the course in between other chores that makes it daunting. My nightmare is every time I need to beat a deadline and my brain doesn’t seem to cooperate. I call it brain dead, and I can understand why it happens at times: Imagine exhausting your gray matter from eight hours of work, and then going home to wrestle with a demanding research paper until wee hours. Oh, that’s tough! I know you have been there too. That was my experience last Summer term when I had to squeeze in reading voluminous passages every night mercilessly. It would have been easy if it was only reading. The real angst was also writing and submitting a paper in a short time. How I passed the course, I still have no idea.

In retrospect, however, I still consider myself very blessed. I am truly grateful for the many blessings that made me still here, and up in the running. While I can’t wait to get out of the “waiting room” to see what is in store for me after graduation, I know that it’s not yet the time: there’s more I need to learn during my stay in the waiting room. So, I will hang in here for a while and believe that “Good things (indeed) come to those who wait.”

University of Central Florida

University of Central Florida (my launching pad)

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


2 thoughts on “Waiting Room

  1. I very much enjoyed your piece on “Good things come to those who wait.” Speaking of waiting, I am happy to let you know that Cathy will be holding classes at the St. Pete. Center starting in January. Hope to see you there.

    Have a Blessed Christmas. Hope to see you soon.



    • Hi, it’s very nice to hear from you, Brenda. Do you have any idea when in January? I haven’t touched my DSLR camera for months – what a shame! I will check my schedule to see if I can attend the class. Hope to see you soon. Happy Holidays!

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