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Five Glorious Years and Counting…

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A couple of weeks ago my husband and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. We thought it was very special since many couples say 5 years in a relationship is a significant milestone. I haven’t really noticed though a lot of changes in our relationship despite our five years of being together. I guess my mind has been pre-conditioned since my husband has never stopped referring to us as honeymooners, which I find humorous but touching.

It has been our tradition to celebrate our anniversary every year near the beach to commemorate and coincide with our beach wedding. Between the two of us, I thought I was the hopeless romantic in our duet, but it looks like I was wrong. No matter what I do my husband will always outdo me when it comes to surprises, and this anniversary was no exception. While he admitted early on that he was preparing something for us, he was cautious not to spill the beans until the last minute.

After a few days of waiting and anticipation, finally it was revealed! The location: the beautiful Trade winds Beach Resort located on Anna Maria Island, Florida.


Upon seeing the place, I was immediately captivated by the beautiful view, but I what found more stunning was the collection of pastel Key West-style cottages that transported me back to the 1960s. Each unit was modern and offered every creature comfort you could imagine. The one-bedroom unit my husband reserved for was decorated with tropical style furniture and décor. We enjoyed a full kitchen, roomy bedroom with adjoining bath with tub/shower combo, and a private porch or veranda. Indeed, it was a perfect home away from home.

Happy 5th 2014 021Relaxed Tropical Flair

What I loved about our anniversary getaway was the laid back ambience that this little island provided. Besides the splendid view, we found some good restaurants, interesting shops, and fishing piers. I must say, except for the turbulent water due to a threatening storm brewing in the Gulf, it was a perfect respite for us. Thank you, husband for the gift of you!

Happy 5th 2014 031

Happy 5th 2014 033Happy 5th 2014 058WP_20140914_013WP_20140914_032

Five things I learned from being a wife in 1825 days of marriage:

    1. It’s an all-encompassing responsibility that requires different roles (e.g. nurse, assistant, housekeeper, fashion consultant), but the most important one and you should not forget, is to be a stalwart partner both emotionally and physically.
    2. Never ever criticize your husband, let alone compare him to other men. It could be a disaster! If you want to promote positive change from your husband make him your Brad Pitt: honor, adore, and cherish him for the man that he is.
    3. Compromise. Marriage is not a competition. It is a union between two different individuals who decided and vowed to become one.
    4. You are the queen of his heart, so act like one. Being a wife is not only about being a good housekeeper, it is also being a good companion at all times. So don’t lose yourself in the process of cleaning the house and taking care of bills. Remember glamour and take care and love yourself. Remain to be the beautiful person inside and out that first and foremost attracted him to you.
    5.  Include God in your relationship. He always does wonders when you can’t.








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