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My Spring Break 2014

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Can we honestly say that we can plan our life completely? This question has been playing in my mind as I look at the date and realize that tomorrow my Spring Break will be finally over. Not that I am not excited to go back to work, because I am. It’s just that I feel I didn’t do much on my break. I blame it on the weather. Every day this week the sun has decided to hide behind dark clouds: gloomy, grim, and chilly. Add to that the occasional rain and thunder boomers, and you will understand why my well-planned Spring Break activities slipped away leaving me wondering where did my Spring Break go?

Eureka moments! While we can perhaps plan our life to a certain extent, it’s not absolute, especially if nature is involved. That, we often forget. While we have our own agenda and timetable in life, we sometimes overlook that the Divine Providence has His own plan too. Sad to say, if they are not attuned with each other, no matter how we force it, our plan will never work.

So, now that it was clear my exciting Spring Break plans didn’t coincide with His, what then were His Big ideas? Well, obviously not as I expected nor imagined…forced my focus on:

1. Concentrate on what is important

One week before my most-awaited Spring Break, my husband and I proposed some exciting activities for us to do. We planned on going to the beach, visiting an Andy Warhol’s exhibit at the Dali Museum. Also, checking out some sports activities at the community recreation center, and maybe even watch the Phillies’s Baseball Spring Training in Clearwater. Well, all of those were crossed out.

Instead of going out, we were locked in inside the house watching the usual blue skies of Florida turning gray while temperatures slowly dropped. Left with nothing to do, I was forced to focus my energy directing it to finish my remaining schoolwork. While fun is good and necessary in life at times, let’s face it, when you are in school, you have responsibility to choose between want-to-do and need-to-do. In my case, lucky me, I didn’t have to choose. With no little Tripadvisor wheel continuously spinning in my head, not only did I finish my two big projects for school, I also beat their deadlines. That was absolutely an unexpected surprise, and I am so happy

2. Find time for family

I must say that my husband was the happiest during my Spring Break. He has wifey for himself 24/7 for the whole nine days. He didn’t have to compete with my busy schedule. We did a lot of stuff together: visiting the dentist for our annual check-up, spring cleaning, driving around the neighborhood, dining out every opportunity, and simply hanging out at home watching TV/movies, playing silly, and napping.

3. Be Content

I realized that after I let go of all my expectations, even what I thought inconsequential matters became meaningful. Yes, we might have missed playing shuffle board and pickle ball at the Rec Center, but it doesn’t mean we were not able to exercise. As a matter of fact, it just gave us the opportunity to use our own fitness center in our building, which gave us the chance to meet nice neighbors. There’s always the trade-offs, and I believe as long as we perceive things in a positive perspective, life will always be beautiful.

So, did I really miss a lot on my Spring Break? Well, I guess not. While I lost some, I also won some. As a matter of fact, thinking about it, maybe I won more.

I forgot to mention, before the weather became gloomy, I played with brushes and paints with my colleagues at work. That was absolutely a winner!

Thank you for reading.


painting with the girls

painting with a twist 3

My Eiffel Tower looks like a little bit like an oil rig in Texas, but I love it. Hopefully, one day I will be the woman walking in Paris. Not necessarily in the rain.


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