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Photo Challenge: ObJect

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OBJECT (Feb.2014)

feb. 2nd week 036

feb. 2nd week 037

Since Spring term has started last month, my life has been a marathon of non-stop action. Juggling my teaching job, tutoring, married life, and graduate school has required me to create work around and a system of hot fixes and patches (to use computer metaphor) to keep things humming smoothly. I feel like I am a superwoman, except for at the end of the day I look like a rundown old tired sack of potatoes.  I feel sorry for my husband who I know craves for my attention at times. Poor hubby! I am sure he would perfectly fit the description of a Desperate Husband should Hollywood come calling.

I guess that explains why my take for last week’s Photo Challenge is late. My schedule is crazy. If I am not cleaning the house or doing dishes, I am in front of the computer writing a report or research paper.  Even when I do escape for “ME” time to the beach is now being consumed by brainstorming ideas for my Service Learning Project. And, that exactly was what I was going last weekend when a man in  his ultra-light aircraft flew low in front, behind, and all around my husband and I while we were sitting on the beach.  I was totally captivated! I dropped my notebook, dismissed any thoughts about my project, and for a moment he became the OBJECT  of our attention. He obviously was having the time of his life. Oh boy, I was  jealous!

“The mirror reflects all objects without being sullied.” – Confucius


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