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A Trip to the Sponge Docks, Tarpon Springs


My fascination for Greek culture started when I enjoyed the scenic city of Santorini Greece in a movie. It was so lovely; it swept me off my feet. That was years ago and yet my interest still remains. So when I read about an authentic Greek village in Tarpon Springs I immediately put it in my to-do-list. Notwithstanding my husband’s wrinkled up nose when he heard my BIG idea.

The historic Sponge Docks of Tarpons Springs is a tourist destination. Its narrow street is said to be resonant of seaside village in Greece, which my husband and I both found quite interesting.

tarpon springs

tarpon springs

Many of its quaint boutiques that sell real sponges and imported items  also give the Greek’s feel: from their buildings’ designs to the shops’ names.

tarpon springs

tarpon springs

Along the marina you’ll pass Sponge boats docked along the sea wall. A cool boat ride is a must for those who want to see divers plunge for sponges/loofas or to simply experience a relaxing cruise.

 tarpon springs

tarpon springs

tarpon springs

If you crave for authentic Greek cuisines, TS Sponge Docks is the place to go. I am not a foodie person, but I must admit, the aroma of Greek spices sneaking out from chefs’ kitchen was hard to resist. I ordered the famous Greek recipe moussaka, and (coming from the other side of the world) I have one two words to describe it: (truly) Mediterranean!

tarpon springs

Our leisure trip to TS Sponge Docks gave me a glimpse of the Greek culture without having to travel to Greece. It was quite satisfying, but despite it all I can still hear the small travel-wheel in my head saying Santorini (wink: P) Ha-ha. Maybe one day. Hopefully.

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2 thoughts on “A Trip to the Sponge Docks, Tarpon Springs

  1. Hope you’ll be able to go to Greece once more for the desired experience.
    I like your pictures. The food looks quite tempting to me.
    I work since 2009 on my husband to go with me once more for a few days on a little beach holiday. The beach is really not that far away from where we live. However, so far my desired holiday at the beach has not eventuated yet. I am still hoping! 🙂

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