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Photo Challenge: Inside

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INSIDE (Sept2013)

Last weekend my husband surprised me with a hotel reservation at the Sheraton Sand Key Hotel in Clearwater, Florida. It was unexpected because, although it was our anniversary, we had already celebrated our Happy 4th two months ago (in the Bahamas) because of my work schedule. I forgot that I married a romantic man who can turn a simple weekend into a sublime adventure.

While I thought the hotel reservation was the only surprise, I was astonished when while napping I heard a knock at the door. Guess what? It was the Houseman delivering a special gift from the hotel’s Executive VP/General Manager.

happy 4th anniv. sheraton 026

A bottle of champagne and two glasses INSIDE an ice bucket

Even my husband was pleasantly surprised. The act of kindness from the hotel’s management was truly heart warming. Thank you, Sheraton for making our stay in your hotel an enjoyable one.




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