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Our Summer Grand Vacation: Living Large in the Bahamas (Part 2)

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A Glimpse into  the Bahamian Government

If the United States of America has the White House, Bahamas has the Pink House. Actually almost all of its government offices are painted pink: the Government House, Parliament, Court House, and if I had not forgotten to take a picture of the Prime Minister’s Office, you would see that its building is also pink.

Almost 270 years of uninterrupted Parliamentary Democracy makes the Bahamas one of the most stable countries in the world. Prior to its independence in 1973, the Commonwealth of the Bahamas was a British Colony. As a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, the Bahamas recognizes Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as Head of State. The Governor-General is Her Majesty’s representative in the Bahamas and constitutes a symbol of the nation’s unity. (

Government House  Residence of the Bahamas’ Governor General and the site of the exchanging of guard ceremony

Government House
Residence of the Bahamas’ Governor General and the site of The Changing of Guard Ceremony

Government House

The Parliament

The Parliament

The Court House

The Court House

The highlight of our tour of the Bahamian government offices was the an unanticipated privilege rendered to us to take a sneak peak of the Bahamas House of Assembly at the Parliament. It was an unexpected surprise. For my husband, who is a political wonk, this was indeed a special treat. Once we were inside the chamber, we asked our tour guide about the question time with the Prime Minister, which we found out is very similar to the British Government.  Likewise, we also inquired about the House Speaker’s  gavel, as well as the procedural process  during session. I guess you can say that we were (really) nosey *smile.  As much as I wanted to document our visit, unfortunately no camera was allowed.

A Taste of the Bahamian Way of Life

bahamas -tess 099

To get a feel of the Bahamian culture, my husband and I decided to explore the downtown of Nassau up close and personal. To do that, so to speak, was of course by foot (many many breaks were taken in between). It was a challenge, but, at least, we were able to walk shoulder to shoulder with the locals: exchanging pleasantries with them, and feeling the Nassau vibe.

bahamas -tess 2 022

bahamas-kent 2013 145

bahamas -tess 364

bahamas -tess 369

bahamas -tess 077

Our tour of the downtown Nassau reminded me a lot of the Philippines: the traffic, small alleys, sidewalks, creative art and crafts and, of course, the warmth and friendliness of majority of its people.

If I have to describe my observation of Bahamas, I must say, it is no different from its conch salad. Its way of life is predominantly Bahamian culture mixed with British vestiges and a dash of American influences.

Except for sweat and barking feet, I considered our tour a delightful experience.

A Slice of Paradise

After days of exploring the downtown of Nassau, finally we decided to enjoy the idyllic view of the Bahamas. Known for stellar beaches, I couldn’t agree more, indeed the Bahamas has crystal clear water. We also live on the beach in Florida, but, I must admit, our water is never as clear as the Bahamas. I couldn’t remember seeing my toes in Florida water wiggling in the sand while I am frolicking in the water. Bahamas’ water is stupendous! If not for the water’s temperature, which was quite nippy for me, I am sure my husband could not get me out of the water.

bahamas -tess 295

bahamas -tess 073

bahamas -tess 290

My dirty feet soaked in Bahama's (very) clear water

My dirty feet soaked in Bahama’s (very) clear water

While each one of us has probably different definitions of paradise, to me it is simply communing with nature in a picturesque island setting like the Bahamas. All the while watching time goes by… I feel so  blessed!

“I am not afraid of tomorrow. For I have seen yesterday, and I enjoy today”  -William White


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