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Hand Sewing of DIY Clutch Bag


As part of our  school’s Silent Auction Project recently, our ingenious teachers decided to donate our talents and time for a mentoring project. The event was intended to raise funds for our school’s scholarship program, and since it was my first time to be involved in such a project, I didn’t know what to expect.  I volunteered to offer my time to conduct a Hand Sewing Class of DIY Clutch Bag (it was a tote bag originally) to the highest bidder. I knew that my proposal was quite ambitious and would be easier said than done. Everyone who knows me very well is cognizant that although I passed my Home Economics classes in elementary and high school without bribing my teachers, I have never showcased my sewing ability to anybody besides my husband. The thing with my husband, however, is he only needed buttons to sew on and he is also very easy to please. So needless to say, as the lesson time grew near, the idea of conducting a paid sewing lesson – pardon the “tongue and cheek metaphor” – made me feel I was on pins and needles. Well, just a little bit…

On Silent Auction Day

On Silent Auction Day

After waiting for weeks of anticipation, finally last weekend I met my four-year old lucky winner and her parents. What I expected to be nerve-wracking (I was thinking, what if I got a skilled seamstress for a student?) turned out to be not only fun but also a BIG success. Yay!

As my way of saying thank you for the great experience, here’s my special treat to everyone who didn’t make it to my class:

1. Trace and cut your clutch bag pattern

moving up 053

2. Pin along the edges with straight pins, and then stitch the two long sides.

Hand Sewing Class

3. After stitching, turn right-side out

Giani Bernini 017

4. Stitch embellishments with decorative appliques. To provide extra strength, use a glue gun before stitching.

Giani Bernini 016

5. Ready to go!

Giani Bernini 018

Thanks for reading and happy sewing to all!

Note: Materials for this project were all purchased from Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Store, St. Pete Beach, Fl.


2 thoughts on “Hand Sewing of DIY Clutch Bag

  1. Very nice! Good job! I’m sure your student enjoyed herself and her project. It makes me miss all the more the summers I spent with grandma. I was never a good sewing student until she introduced me to the idea of using a sewing machine. But looking at her while working – on a bag, a blouse – was inspiring in itself.

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