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Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

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THE SIGN SAYS (June2013)

Giani Bernini 025

You can call me a cross-body bag person. Although I have a couple of favorite purses I use every now and then, I still prefer a cross-body bag for my everyday handbag. Not only it keeps my essentials handy, it also stays out of my way while I am travelling. My last cross-body bag was black in color and I used it for years. Unfortunately, I literally wore it out to the point it disintegrated to pieces inside and out like it got zapped by kryptonite, it just screamed for a replacement. I have been searching for one online for quite some time, but no luck. So, when I received a $75 Macy’s gift cards (thanks to the Teachers’ Appreciation Week), I was inspired to drive to the mall.

My husband and I love Macy’s products, except for their prices that sometimes give us  sticker shock. But occasionally we are pleasantly surprised by the combinations of their Sales and human FUBARs, also known as SNAFUs. Luckily, both were on my side during my last visit.  While gallivanting around the women’s section, a red Giani Bernini cross-body bag suddenly spoke to me from a distance.  Of course, I had no idea who Giani was. I have never been fixated about brand names, and if I go for shopping the first thing I check is quality, not logo. So, having said that, after giving the bag a thorough inspection, I’ve decided this is it. THE SIGN SAYS, “On Sale for  $39.99”, and my heart, as well as my pocket, jumped for joy. I immediately brought the bag to the cashier for payment. To my dismay, however, I was told that there was a big slip-up. The bag was mistakenly place to the wrong stand; it was not on sale. The price is $108. Ouch!

Being a thrifty shopper/frugal Felicia, I asked myself, do I want to spend $108 for a cross-body bag? Definitely it needed some thought to avoid the impulsive buyer in me. I was on my way back to return the bag when the cashier was hot on my heels. She exclaimed (not to lose the sale) that since it was their mistake, she’s giving me the bag for the sale price. Really! Was I lucky or was this a scam?

Well, I really don’t care. The Italian bag designer, Giani Bernini, has found a home.  Thanks to Macy’s.

“The most manifest  SIGN of wisdom is continued cheerfulness.”   by Michel de Montaigne

Note: I specifically chose THE above sign  because at that time I felt that my passive haggling was a high $$$ drama. 🙂


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