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Photo Challenge: In the Background

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On the day America remembers its heroes, I’ll remember one of my most important lessons in driving: When you hear an emergency vehicle coming, pull over safely immediately to your right.  

I couldn’t believe that my plan of leisurely drive today would be immediately transformed to a high drama in an instant because of a speeding fire truck that scared the hell heck out of me. There was no collision thankfully. My evasive maneuver (although a little bit tentative) saved the day, but the fact remains that it almost gave me and everyone on scene a heart attack. Well, I guess it was my fault. I forgot it is a Memorial Day, which for many of Americans is more than justly remembering our fallen heroes. It also means opportunities for cookouts and long weekends. In the case of Floridians, it means another beach day, which didn’t immediately appear to me until I joined the heavy traffic intermingled with joggers, walkers, and bikers. Oh my!

So, while driving invigorates me and gives me so much excitement, today FINALLY I’ve understood why my husband has continually  reminded me that, albeit driving is fun, it carries with it huge responsibilities. Having said that, I see that from now on every time I drive I’ll be extra mindful in constantly scanning of what is IN THE BACKGROUND, as well as what lies ahead of me. This goes most importantly to speeding emergency vehicle that weighs thousands of pounds and can flatten me like a mosquito in a second. Oh no! Please. Not on a Memorial Day.

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God bless America. Hail to the Brave!


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