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Photo Challenge: Escape


ESCAPE (May2013)


Escape to me is simply seeking out new exciting activities that fire me up. Having a wonderful husband, an enjoyable job, and an exciting life on the beach, I can’t complain about my life. I am literally living a dream. However, after juggling graduate school between my teaching job last semester, I felt like schoolwork wore me out and it’s time for me (or should I say us – because vacation would never be the same without my husband) to take a quick ESCAPE.

And where will it be?  Try and guess. Here are your clues: 1) A Caribbean island known for a haven in years past for pirates and near-the-wells; 2) Thunderball starring James Bond; and 3) Rawson’s Square, Water Tower, sea island adventure and more. If you have been to the place, I would love to hear about your experiences.

“The best way to ESCAPE a problem is to solve it.” – by Alan Saporta

Note: I took the picture last weekend during the Waterski Show at the Fort de Soto Park, Florida – our escape last weekend


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