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I Am My Mother’s Daughter

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While toying with an idea for this week’s photo challenge “From Above”, I wasn’t able to resist the temptation of lifting my head up and gazing on what was above me. Since this gawking all took place while I was at my “t” nook/study room, it was no surprise that the first thing that caught my eye was the calendar hanging close to my computer. I saw the numbers and couldn’t believe that the Mother’s Day is just around the corner.

My mother and father are far from the demonstrative parents who show a lot of affection with their children. In short, we are not huggers. But of all the things my mother (and father as well) gave me, it’s the sense for “family” that has been the greatest gift they have instilled in me.

The whole family in front of what we call home...

The whole family in front of what we call home…

Mother has told me that I was very sickly when I was a baby. She said we were in and out of the hospital regularly. Actually, I was told that there was even an incident when doctors doubted I would make it. But mother’s unceasing prayers and devotion were irrepressible. I recovered and at the end mother’s faith prevailed when doctors almost had given up on me.

My childhood was pretty typical which included significant amount of time for play, schoolwork, and household chores. Since TV didn’t immediately become part of our household, I was drawn to the joy of reading instead.

I started going to school when I was five and since then I have never really stopped. Mother believes in the importance of education.  Despite our limited resources, it has never occurred to her not to send us to college, and finish school. Her sacrifices inspired us to just do it, and do it well.

My siblings and I didn’t experience a lot of luxuries, but we can’t say we were deprived. I guess it’s because mother and father have never instilled in our minds that material things are all that matter.

In the 2 bedroom duplex we called home, we learned what is more important in life: dignity, tenacity, humility, and the ability to give and love.

Father and mother

Father and mother

Many who had seen mother and me together said that we look alike. I know that they were referring to our physical features, specifically our eyes. Little did they know that I also inherited mother’s love for fashion, romance, and major clutter avoidance.

Mother on my niece's 18th birthday bash

Mother on my niece’s 18th birthday bash

“The order outside gives me the calmness inside.”

Mother has always been supportive of my accomplishments. She might not admit it, but I know that she was so proud of me when I was hired in a diplomatic organization.  My stories about diplomatic receptions, bilateral meetings, and local trips were a big deal to her. She thought they were glamorous, while in fact, they’re just hard work.

Still, mother supported me when eventually I’ve decided to choose love over career.

Painful as it may be, she (together with my whole family) gave me her blessing to start a new life in a foreign land – with my husband.

Despite the time and distance, however, our relationship hasn’t really changed at all.

Every time I will call her on the phone, it’s still the same excited voice that rings my ears. Her narratives about each member of our family have never gotten any shorter. It’s always a long saga. And, mind you, in every phone call she never fails to remind me of her unending wish list.

Beyond all this I realized that no border can really separate my mother from me. For a simple reason, I AM MY MOTHER’S DAUGHTER. Mother resides in me (in my heart), and forever I will be her extension…

Mother goofing around

Mother goofing around

 “Forever I will carry with me the genes, the traits, the gifts, the lessons – and even the idiosyncrasies – mother has passed on to me because forever I will always be my mother’s “mini me”.

Thank you for the gift of YOU, Nay.

mother's day 018

Happy Mother’s Day!


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