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Honoring Children’s Potentials


Coming from a traditional school system, I had very little knowledge of the Montessori’s way of educating until I joined its family this year. I was amazed by its philosophy which reflects Dr. Montessori’s (1965) belief that, “The training of the teacher who is to help life is something more than the learning of ideas. It includes the training of character; it is a preparation of the spirit.” This philosophy, which I have observed day in and day out from all my colleagues at work, provides not only an academic edge to our children, but most importantly  give opportunities to them to enjoy freedom to discover and develop their potentials.

For the past few months we have allowed our preschoolers (3-5 years old) to play with art brushes and paints in our Practical Life section. Like any young beginner, the paints were initially smothered all over the easel. However, I noticed that as the children kept on repeating the process, their artwork got better and better; taking on more recognizable shapes and meaning.  I find it difficult to believe that not too long ago these children were struggling to even hold their brushes properly. Last Thursday their collective masterpieces were proudly displayed on our  wall for the Art Show. The amazement from the spectators'(parents/guests) eyes were unbelievable. And, the beauty of the moment did not escape me – not for a moment.

mbts art show 025

mbts art show 026

mbts art show 014

“Children’s ability to integrate, assimilate, and remember what they are learning is enhanced by repetition. As children repeat activities, they strengthen the neural pathways of  the brain, the power of their memory increases, and constructive habits are formed.”

– By Sonnie McFarland and Jim MacFarland, PhD


2 thoughts on “Honoring Children’s Potentials

  1. I like the Montessori philosophy. The children’s art work looks very beautiful. I love all the colours in it.

  2. Thanks auntyuya. The children were so proud of their work.

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