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Photo Challenge: Color


COLOR (April2013)

emily2012 006

Spring is always associated with colors: buds sprouting, flowers blooming, and bare trees from winter’s scorn breathing life again. As I look at our calendar, I couldn’t believe it… Time seems to pass by so quickly and suddenly – it’s springtime.

Recounting on how my first quarter turned out, I must say, despite the bitter cold of winter that turns our blue skies gray and groomy, we have been blessed. You see our life is splashed with COLORful experiences. From my 2013 New Year’s Resolutions, I have successfully conquered five of them, including the top three from my list, which are as follows:

1. Being sworn in as a US citizen

*Just recently I have also received my Voter’s ID, and  now I am just  waiting for the delivery of my US Passport

2. Enrolling in the Graduate Program at the University of South Florida

*Although the past few months have been a real struggle – juggling studies between work – I know that I am ever closer to the dream I am chasing. This is what I call investment to my future.

3. Starting a new teaching job at Montessori School

*I received my Performance Review a couple of weeks ago, and I feel so grateful of the positive feedbacks from my Directors down to my co-teachers/colleagues.  Working at Montessori is indeed a blessing. 

“The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts”Marcus Aurelius


2 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Color

  1. Congratulations in so many different ways.

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