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Skin in the Game, Feeling the Pain


It has been weeks since I last saw the Michael Kors platform sandals in one of our favorite stores. I love them so much that I went back and forth to try them on my feet. I thought their style, color, and heel are just exactly my taste; however, I am not feeling their price. My husband loves to tease me for my being a shoe fanatic, which is quite true, except that I do have hidden inner self-control:  once I experience sticker-shock, the breaks go on and the purse automatically stays shut.

While I rested my case on MK platform sandals eventually, I know that my husband noticed my constant search online for their cheaper counterparts. His effort to buy me a pair of cute oxford shoes last weekend didn’t even help to wane my continued search for my celebrated platforms. After wearing my oxford shoes at work a couple of times, I was back to square one.

I guess after being married for almost four years, my husband has mastered reading all the telepathic signals that emanate from my little head.  I said that because early this morning he invited me to visit my lucky store. Voila! He was right, I found my platforms. But there’s a little bit of a hiccup: next to my platforms were another pair that made my toes wiggle with excitement. I thought they would be nice for summer. But, buying two pairs? Hmm… I was not sure about the added expense. I was in a dilemma. The ultimate pickle barrel.

I turned to my husband for any suggestions, but he was no help at all. He said, “It’s up to you.” So okay, it’s up to me: I immediately handed both pairs to the cashier. While usually about this time my husband’s gentleman side would show up, he seemed to be stuck in penny-wise mode today. I was wondering what happened in the mean green that usually springs eternal from his wallet when it comes to his wife. In no time I  realized I was on my own and I had no choice but to turn to my cash. I couldn’t believe it!

My husband’s mystery act suddenly became clear to me once we were in the car. He knew from the look in my eyes that I was feeling the pain, and he thought it was VERY funny. It turned out he was teaching me an important economic lesson, and I had to learn it the hard way. Oh boy, he professed, it’s time for me to have some skin in the game to subside the shoe flow that is over taking our cash flow.  Ouch!

The good thing is, I am sure this bruising experience will take away my attention from my “emeldific” shoe tendency for a while, and, hopefully, replenish my now dwindling monetary digits.

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“I love being a woman. I like dressing up. I love buying shoes.”  by Carly Fiorina


2 thoughts on “Skin in the Game, Feeling the Pain

  1. Ahhh…tht’s cute! Jst forget abt the price & enjoy your new pair of MK shoes!

    • Thanks for reading, Anne. I actually didn’t get the MK platforms because they were a little bit pricey for my budget (although I really, really love them). But, thankfully I found a pair (the one on the picture) from Lucky Brand that I also like.

      Happy weekend!

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