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Photo Challenge: Future Tense


FUTURE TENSE (March2013)

St Patrick's Day with Janice 005

It has been five days since the photo challenge on the theme’s “Future Tense” has been launched and here I am still toying with an idea. Am I taking the subject too seriously? After being tasked to submit one school paper after another this week, I don’t know what the definition of fun is anymore. I feel as though I am brain drained.

Honestly, I think the idea of “future tense” is quite unpredictable. I was reading Time Magazine the other day and was quite surprised of what many people think as BIG ideas. As we look to solving vexing problems our world is facing today, I am quite amazed how the genius minds are coming up with creative solutions: robotics, cloning, Nano technology, renewable fuels, and micro-apartments just to name a few. But tell me, who can say what is yet to come?

As I look at the temperature today I actually couldn’t believe that Florida tips in at 41 degrees. And, mind you, it is spring here!  As you look at our beaches this time a year they are usually filled with spring breakers clad in bathing suits, but now these same beaches are barely visited by disappointed vacationers bundled up in boots and winter jackets.  Likewise, I can see that Mother Nature has her own way of making a statement elsewhere:  mud slides in Washington state; tornado alerts; flooding… what is going on?

With everything uncertain these days, I think there is only one big idea which I consider a real constant. Monotheism.

I was in the church last weekend attending the celebration of Palm Sunday, and  the occasion made me reflect on how my life has evolved through the years. I won’t deny that with the many challenges I have gone through, it has always been God I have constantly depended on. I am sure there will be more BIG ideas that will eventually surface. The world may have changed, but one thing is sure – God’s omnipotent love for us won’t. His love for us will remain forever.

Happy Easter to everyone!

“God is my future.” –Pinay-emotion


2 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Future Tense

  1. Very well written post. What you say about your outlook on the future makes perfect sense to me. I believe also that’s God’s omnipotent love for us won’t change. It’s always there.
    Hope you had a Happy Easter! My Easter was very good. But since I am not all that young anymore, I feel I need a rest day today!

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