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Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

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It was another long day for us at MBTS yesterday as we hit the road early in the morning to attend the American Montessori Society 2013 Annual Conference held in Orlando, Florida. It was my first time to attend a Montessori Conference so, except the early wake-up call, I was pretty excited about it.

Besides the three workshops I had pre-selected, I also attended the Keynote Address of Dr. Steven Hughes who made a very interesting discussions on the topic, “Fueling the Flame Within: Montessori Education and the Development of the Self.” As a pediatric neuropsychologist, Dr. Hughes demonstrated how the unique environments provided at each stage of Montessori’s educational model support the essential cognitive capabilities that lay the foundation and of self-regulation and goal-directed behavior of a child. He certainly conveyed his point to his audience succinctly – to me included. 🙂

However, while this great presentation was all going on, I could hear a loud echo  juxtaposing Dr. Hughes’s discussion.  It was almost 12:00 noon, and my growling stomach had one word: LUNCHTIME! It was hard to deny it with each bumping and churning motion. So, immediately after the crowd gave him an overwhelming standing ovation, I stealthily moved outside to grab a sandwich to calm down my protesting tum tum. With overpowering hunger, I thought my sandwich tasted just like the finest cuisine – like my favorite all time lunchmeal, Adobo.  Does hunger has its own way of clouding one’s perception? Tell me…

“Time is an illustion. LUNCHTIME doubly so.” – Douglas Adams


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