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My End-of-the-Year Reflections

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Year two thousand twelve was an eventful year for us. I won’t say it was challenge free, but we can’t complain. It was indeed a fruitful year.

In February I was invited for a job interview in one private coeducational college in St. Petersburg. It’s a dream job.  I felt very positive about my meeting with its Director that I thought I nailed it down.  My imagination was so strong, I was already seeing myself in the classroom; however, my expectation was not met, and I was heartbroken.

Lesson # 1:  From my failure I sprung up from where I had fallen and charged onward to victory.

Over the years I have developed a pretty specific philosophy when it comes to winning: I call it optimism. Believing that one day I’ll also make it to my dream career, I’ve decided to map out a plan to make my resume more competitive by further enhancing my education. After months of tinkering, pondering, discerning, finally everything has fallen into places. Last month my application to the Graduate Department was accepted by the University of South Florida. The thought of starting the term next month – although I know it’s not going to be a piece of cake – is already a triumph for me.


In April I finally decided to resign from my job after two years of employment to assist my husband in preparing for our plan to move to another city.  We both love the beach and the thought of big pristine turquoise waves; warm sugary sand; and, cool breezes coming from the salty water always energizes us. We wanted to move to a beach community – we’re quite sure of that. However, our plan to relocate  was a little bit of a challenge since moving out would mean not only packing our bags, but also, and more importantly, selling our condo unit in Tampa. With the uncertain housing market, we thought we would never make it.

Lesson # 2: Never underestimate the power of prayer

 I call it the power of affirmation. Despite all the hurdles that made it seem impossible for us to realize our dream, once again we have witnessed that to those who BELIEVE, there’s nothing impossible. In August, after almost making a wrong move to short sell our unit, we saw a glimmer of hope. We found the perfect place in St. Pete Beach just exactly how we imagined it. The beach was just a few steps away from the patio, and from our master bedroom we can enjoy the view of the sun going down. But more than the perfect location, remarkably we were also able to sell our place without losing a penny. It was almost too good to be true, but wait – here’s more: I guess, there’s truth to the saying, “When it rains, it pours” because with the new place also came a new teaching job offer for me. Now tell me, who said there’s no God?

2012 reflections

Despite my fair share of good luck, however, I must admit that I am no super hero. Life can be daunting at times. After all, they say that “Life isn’t a bed of roses”, and in my case I surely get pricked by some of the thorns.

Lesson # 3: Believe that when God brings you TO it, He will also bring you THROUGH it. 

In November I took a big risk of deciding to resign from my teaching job only after three months of employment. I didn’t find it difficult to take the plunge; however, in today’s hurting economy, I couldn’t help not getting a little worried about my employment prospects. Thankfully, I have a husband who seems to have more faith than me. When my mind is going haywire, he just always has just the right word to say.  The day after I resigned from my job I was called for class observation and a class demo by a school that is not only is very close to our home, but one that I very well respected. Unlike my job application in February, however, I didn’t hope too much this time. I was scared that it would just lead to another heart-breaking experience for me, so after my visit to the school I tried to get it out of my mind.  But to my wonderful surprise, on the same day of my presentation I received a very encouraging call from the Director, and before the week ended, I signed another employment contract.

2012 relections

My husband and I couldn’t be happier. Despite life’s challenges we have faced in 2012, we are truly lucky to have been blessed with enormous faith, hope, love, and peace of mind. We still are far from having all material wealth one could wish (maybe we need to bet more on the lotto), but we feel grateful to have at least given what is more important: the gift of good health and contentment.

Thank you to the year 2012. We look forward to a blessed 2013 not only for ourselves and loved ones, but also for each and every one of you.

Happy New Year!


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