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Photo Challenge: Foreign

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FOREIGN (Oct.2012)

Before I married my husband and have moved abroad to join him in the USA, I luckily got a job in a diplomatic office in the Philippines. When I joined the organization, I had just finished my university work and full of confidence – possessing a beautiful mind, so I thought. As it turned out, I soon found out how young and so naive I was. It was my first exposure to sophisticated people and their sophisticated ways of life, including fine dining, which was most of the time involving compulsory luncheons and dinners hosted by the office. I remember my first dinner invitation from my employer was a BIG blooper event. I didn’t anticipate that while our food dishes may look both sumptuous and exotic, our palate preferences may be divergent from each other. I attacked their food like a hungry lion, unknowingly that their spices could bite. Hot. No, it’s VERY HOT! My tongue was burnt, and I needed to gulp a glass full of water to immediately relieve my discomfort and put out the fire. My red face was a dead giveaway. It was FOREIGN! 🙂

” Life is a FOREIGN language: all men mispronounce it.”

– Christopher Morley


After 15 years of working with the company, I have learned to eventually love these hot exotic dishes. Yum!


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