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Photo Challenge: Happy


HAPPY (Oct2012)

“A happy person is not a person in a state of circumstances, but rather a person with a set of attitudes”

-by Hugh Downs

I captured these images while visiting the beautiful Boracay Island, Philippines last year. We had a chance encounter with this happy man whom we fondly addressed as tatay (father in the Philippine language). He was walking barefooted and dressed in a worn out shirt and shorts. He said he was scavenging for a discarded slipper for his boat repair. Whatever challenges this kind gentleman has in life, my camera lens did not detect any dismay. With his sparkling eyes and beautiful smile, he indeed is the epitome of a HAPPY man.


3 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Happy

  1. Great smile on his face… 😉

  2. this (your) tatay? happy smile!

  3. Thanks for the thumbs up, friends. Mrs. Rogers, he is not my (biological) tatay (father). We just met him by chance while we were getting up the steep beach steps. I agree, his smile is like a sunrise in the morning. 🙂

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