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Beach Fashion

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I have always been drawn to dressing up since I was a little girl. It may not have been very obvious back then because my family lacked resources, but if you had seen how my face lit up like a Chinese lantern every time mother would buy us clothes for Christmas holiday, you would have understood how captivated I was about dressing up.

Somehow, as I got older the obsession faded. I still love clothes and fashion, but age and maturity have taught me that magical trick to dressing up is  not only about following fashion trend, but also paying attention on what looks best on me, as well as what is appropriate for the occasion.

Now that we have finally found our little tropical haven on the beach, I have realized that my life during weekends will have a 180 degrees turnaround. With sun, sand, and sunsets as my regular backdrops, it means that investing in cute sundresses, adorable shorts, and colorful swimwear and beach cover-ups will be my next mission impossible.

“I am worth the effort.”

– by Sarah Hepola


One thought on “Beach Fashion

  1. ah, easy! hit the FL stores! I bet they have a lot of maxi dresses and beach cover ups. goodluck on the hunt!

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