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Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk


Last Wednesday I was invited for a job interview by a research company. For unknown reason, it gave me a flashback of my first teaching demo back in 1997. I could still vividly recall every detail of that experience from the minute I introduced myself to the class up to the time I say thank you.  As you may have anticipated,  unruly butterflies in my stomach dominate that memory. However, if there is a lesson that really struck me from that experience, it is the vital role of preparation when it comes to pulling off  a good impression on an employer.

When I say preparation, however, I don’t mean to say only preparation of your material, but also the importance of preparing your attire. And again,  I am not only referring to your business suit, but also your business shoes.

I remember how awkward I felt during that 10 minute mind bending demo challenge. My attending students, who happened to be consultants and faculty staff of the school, were all  focused on me  as I was explaining to them my topic. They were gauging me from head to toe, and, oh boy, I am sure they didn’t miss my worn out shoes (poor little girl) that almost brought catastrophe to my effort to get hired. But I guess that feeling should be expected when your feet are so sadly clad.  It has been said again and again that when it comes to getting a teaching job or attending an interview,  image speak volumes  to a potential employer.

Here is the Right Shoes for an Office Job Interview by

The appropriate shoes for office job interviews will be dress shoes — flats or heels of around 3″ or less. They’ll have closed toes, be clean, sharp-looking, and will complement your outfit, but won’t overpower it. The ideal shoes will be free of metallic finishes, overdone embellishments, and excessively high heels.

The shoes by Trendy Girls ( gave me the professional lift I needed to make a winning difference at my last interview. Thanks TG!

“Talk the talk, and walk the walk, but never let your shoes do the talking for you!” –  TM


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