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Animals in Focus


I understand that some people may think that my being a shutterbug is a little bit facetious.  And, I don’t blame them. When I was a kid, I also abhor having my pictures taken, especially after losing my top baby tooth in front. Well, who would like to pose for a camera when you had to make sure your lips were tight enough not to show an empty space where once a tooth resided? Believe me, if there’s a word to describe those images (photos), it would be awkward. I would not blame you if you would also shake your head on the visual and say ew.

That, however, is now history. After receiving my first point and shoot digital camera from my husband in 2008, I immediately changed my attitude about photography. The instant display of the image on the screen of the camera, without the need of film processing, is amazing. It got me hooked, and now I am just unstoppable. Like other photo enthusiasts, I try to bring my camera everywhere I go. I enjoy capturing images of different kinds, even a few self-portraits.  But among my favorites are animals in their natural and  not so natural habitat. Here are some animal shots I captured while strolling (sometimes driving)  around our nature preserve community.

Oh my! (not good..)

Deer, fawn, and mommy make three for me to see in the middle of the day

Lonely bunny looking for bunny love

Armadillo Rising

Turkey for a show

Basking Tortoise

By the way, contrary to what others might be thinking, we don’t live in a zoo. We live in a vibrant community where there are planes, trains, and automobiles. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Animals in Focus

  1. Very nice photo collection. Turtles are my favorite creatures, and I have posted articles on sea turtles. I’ll have to capture my own shots the next time I am at the Monterey Aquarium. I try to bring a camera everywhere too — and good thing for a camera in the phone, when one forgets.

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