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My Summer Takes Off (Part 3)



Last Thursday, after successfully attending this week’s lessons, I and my classmates graduated from our Adults Swimming Class. I must say, this week’s lessons were indeed remarkable. As we progress in becoming more comfortable with our skills, our instructor slowly took us out of our comfort zones and challenged us to swim a longer course – at least half of the 50 meters lap pool we are using for our practice. Likewise, he advanced us to deeper water which was my ginormous fear. Every time he would move us from one lane deeper, I could not help calling on my guardian angel for protection. I was scared to death, but thankfully I made it.  I have to admit that conquering my fear of deep water is what I consider my greatest accomplishment in this week’s lessons.


Treading Water is staying upright in the water with head above the surface of the water.  To tread water, you must move your arms forward and back with your hands facing the way they are moving. This will keep your upper body up. You should also keep your legs moving. If you are kicking, kick fast and continuously. (

Here I am giving all my best to stay afloat

Back Strokeis floating on your back in a horizontal position, kicking up and down. Keep your legs straight and toes pointed out. Twisting slightly at the waist and rotating your shoulders, windmills your arms. You must keep one arm straight as you raise it out of the water from your waist to a fully extended position. At the same time, the other arm should be bent and pulling a cupped hand along your side in the water, from the extended position back down to your side. You must keep your head floating back in the water, with your eyes looking up. Unlike other swimming strokes, the best thing about the Back Stroke is you can breathe normally.  ( to swim backstroke)

My swimming instructor and classmates performing Back Stroke, while I am behind the scene playing the shutterbug as usual)

Although I have finally figured out how to tread water, I have not mastered the technique yet. I still cannot stay afloat long enough to save myself in cases of emergency. Similarly, I also need to spend more time in the water to practice and perfect my Back Stroke. I already had a good start: since I can already float and kick my legs at the same time; all I need now is to keep my arms also in motion. I know that it is easier said than done, but with determination, I know that one day I will surely get it.

Not giving up, here I am practicing my Back Stroke


Swimming does not end in completing the lessons.

Before we ended our class, I asked my swimming instructor if I still needed to enroll in another lessons. When he grinned, I immediately assumed that he would say yes. But, I was wrong. He said that I seemed to have learned the basics of swimming, and all I need right now is to build on my stamina and endurance as I “work my skills up.” So, with that, here I am up for the next challenge!

As my graduation gift, my husband gave me this baby boogie board which will be my companion in my next swimming challenges

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

—Will Rogers

This blog is  dedicated to my swimming instructor, Corry; classmates, Kim, Michelle, and David; and to my husband (who lovingly supported me each day of my lesson).  You are the reason why this journey has become  meaningful to me. Thank you!



3 thoughts on “My Summer Takes Off (Part 3)

  1. I also find back stroke difficult. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cheers for conquering your fear! Few things can make us feel stronger, keep it up!

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