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My Summer Takes Off! (Part 1)



With rocketing high temperatures in the summertime, many Floridians escape the scorching heat by enjoying water activities – either on the beach frolicking in the surf or splashing in the pool. Coming from a country also surrounded by beautiful beaches, one would think I am already very much acclimated with water by now. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Like many of you, I avoid too much sun exposure because I am afraid of the related health issues. Besides, I also fear deep water being a non-swimmer.

Well, living in Florida changed my mind-set. I realized that we live just a few minutes’ drive away from the beach and most people would probably give their right arm to be in such great place. However, there’s a tradeoff: My husband has continued reminding me that being surrounded by water also means knowing how to deal with it during powerful and surprising disasters. This has emboldened me and encouraged me to set aside my eccentricities about water and enroll in a swimming class.

Yesterday I attended my first swimming lesson. Although I felt a little bit nervous when I first stepped in the poolside to meet my swimming instructor and three other classmates, it turned out not as bad as I thought. Actually, I had so much fun that after our class I did not mind joining our group in letting gravity take us for a ride in this giant slide. My husband could not believe it. He teasingly labeled me “Evel Knievel, the big time risk taker ”, and  I guess he is right. After what I did, how can I argue?

borrowed picture from the Temple Terrace Parks and Recreation

“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.”— T.S. Eliot

Few insights from my first class:

1. Keeping yourself in shape helps in the rigorous drill of  kicking and hand movements.

2. Using kickboard in your hands helps in making you float with your head out of the water,  while you  practice moving by kicking.

3. The key to float is to totally let go of your fear and relax.



2 thoughts on “My Summer Takes Off! (Part 1)

  1. What an experience! I like your few insights especially the #3. 🙂

    I am not a swimmer as well but I’ve been doing kayaking few times and rafting once with friends of mine. I was scared too but just give it a go. 😀
    Perhaps I need to take a swimming class too. 😀

  2. Hi, Inge. Terima kasih banyak untuk comentaris nya. 🙂
    The whole idea of my attending a swimming class is to eventually enjoy water sports. I am not big in risky water sports like surfing, but my husband and I want to try kayaking someday. I also like to learn paddle boarding. I am not so scared of being in the water; it’s the drowning that I am really terrified about.
    I guess, attending a swimming class is a good idea. 🙂

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