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Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment


Fleeting Moment (June2012)

Tourists enjoying the Boracay sunset

A man enjoying a parasail at St. Pete Beach, Fl.

Riders holding their breath as they go down the Cheetah Ride at Busch Garden, Fl.

A gator creeping in at his sanctuary

Lovers caught in the act: even passionate kisses can be fleeting!

 Runaway bride running from the storm. Good weather is fleeting – but maybe not, where’s the groom?

“To photograph is to hold one’s breath, when all faculties converge to capture FLEETING reality.

 It’s at that precise moment that mastering an image becomes a

great physical and intellectual joy. ”  

– Henri Cartier -Bresson


10 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

  1. nice moments captured

  2. very cool, you caught those lovers off-guard haha

  3. Very nice set for this week’s entry. I might have to steal one concept. Hehe. Are you talking about Busch Garden in Tampa? If so, I’ve been there 5 years ago. 😀

  4. I like your take…the roller coaster is a very fleeting moment. I like the parasailing one too. A nice set of photos.

  5. Beautiful sunset.

  6. Thanks, Northern Narratives. I think Boracay has beautiful, beautiful sunset. The red flaming red like ball of fire is just magnificent! 🙂

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