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Photo Challenge: Friendship


FRIENDSHIP (June 2012)

We call ourselves the Sisterhood of the Travelling Chicks (in short, the Broom Sisters).  I must say, our connection was not instantaneous, but rather a gradual and easy friendship. It is rooted in comradeship  bonded by the similar journey we are taking as immigrants and wives to men who were born and raised  in a different world and culture from ours.

When we crossed our path through social media a couple of years ago, never did we know that we were going to have the kind of friendship(s) akin to genealogical sisters. That warm “Hey, girl. How are you doing? That falls easily off our lips, whether we haven’t seen each other for weeks or for months. There is an easy feeling that surrounds those moments, an unspoken sigh of relief knowing that despite our distance and time difference, we have someone we can calm ourselves, find inner peace, and put at bay the hassle and bustle of everyday life, at least for the moment. We do that by talking about the exciting facets of our marriage, and also about the challenging realities of living abroad. We ramble on about our home makeover projects, career prospects, new recipes, recent vacations, and you name it, we have covered it.

As Pinay wives thriving in a foreign land, we make a statement to what we have always known ourselves to be: Not the submissive martyr stereotypical so wrongly portrayed of Asian women, but smart, supportive, creative,  fashionable, giving, and fearless women. Dedicated to our loving husbands and family. Passionate about using our talents and skills to professionally grow in our chosen careers.

Since all four of us (the CORE FOUR) are dispersed in four different cities in three different continents, to enhance our regular chit-chat online, we have orchestrated a tradition of exchanging gifts every Christmas as our way of showing our gratitude to each other.  We call it the SOTC International Exchange Gifts. With the help of our family, we draw the name of the sister (monita) we will send a gift; decide on our theme, and then document the journey of our gift selection, as well as the revelation or the gift opening.

Yes, it is a box that symbolizes our friendship. A simple package that travels half across the world every Christmas to show that our sisterhood indeed knows no boundaries.

“The true meaning of friendship need not to be merely seen by our naked eye. It has to be  felt in our heart to be worthy of the value it deserves.” – TM 

Note: To my SOTC Sisters, Mrs. R, Mrs. D, and Mrs. O, this entry is for you. Thank you for the gift of your friendship.


14 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Friendship

  1. What a warm and beautiful post! 🙂

  2. That’s a lovely friendship tradition – great post!

  3. Beautiful and how fortunate to be so blessed. 😉

  4. Fantastic idea for this theme “friendship” 😛

    • Thank you for visiting and inspiring message, campanulladellaanna. May I ask a question, does your name means something? It’s very unique. 🙂

      • Of course my friend ; “campanulla” is the name of the flower, which always grows in the spring time until the summer. I always use it with my own name as my nickname. 😛 Very honored with this question. My warm regards. 😀

  5. OH! OH! OH! thanks much for this post Mrs.M! LOVE IT! love it! LoVe ko to! this just brightened my day! 🙂

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