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My Home Makeover Project (Part 1)


When I married my husband in 2009, he had already bought a brand spanking new condominium unit. So when I moved in with him after our wedding, everything had already been in place. The home was already fully furnished and decorated. My husband attempted to achieve (allegedly) a Tommy Bahama décor revealing a Caribbean witty vibe but with a mercurial twist. I must say, he did a pretty good job – not only in keeping his man’s cave well arranged, but also in making it sparklingly clean.  However, like many bachelors’ pad, I felt that it lacked a feminine touch, so I immediately ever so sweetly shared with my husband (also using subliminal messages) my idea of a makeover. Although he posed no objection to my proposal, our BIG plan to eventually transfer close to the beach got into the way, so the makeover project didn’t really take off until recently.

I spent weeks working on the project. I don’t know how many hours I spent  in our living room and dining room sorting out and filling boxes with smiling photos in frames, as well as little souvenir items my husband had collected through the years. In our closets, I tightly folded old clothes we have not worn for years and, together with our loveseat, we donated them to a charity to make room for my “masterpiece.” Everything that was out of date and unusable in our two bathrooms, as well as in our second bedroom turned office, went either in the thrash or inside a box for storage. After weeks of filling boxes, moving furniture, and dusting, our cozy Caribbean motif home originally decorated by my husband had magically become our gleaming minimalist haven.

I did not realize my underlying innate interest in home design until I get my hands on my home makeover project. While it was a big challenge for me to upgrade the look of our home without ruining our budget, I found a happy medium between the two by carefully choosing items that I can add to our existing motif to create a look that my husband and I  would both like. I must admit that my amateur attempt to redesign our home has taught me a lot of lessons in the process.


According to Ikea (Catalog 2010), room transformations can be quick and simple. Change the cover on your sofa for an easy update. You can also get a new look by creating your own carpet from layers of rugs, or grab a frame and head for a textile department.

Since our plan to relocate hinders us from buying anything major, I felt a little bit restricted on my project. But, I guess, it was not enough reason for me not to be playful with different ideas. To bring out the brightness in our living area, I added some color to the room by accentuating our couch with colorful throw pillows that matches an area rug (which I moved out from our kitchen) and putting a vase of orange orchids at the center of our coffee table. Satisfied? Not quite, but it is all right. I am hoping that when we find our  next house, I will be able to explore more my creativity.

Here are some living room designs that have served as my inspiration, not to mention made my heart raced in excitement. My husband called it subliminal messaging:

Trending Home Interior Design Idea 2012

By Home Designing Improvement Home & Interior Design Ideas

By Home Design Ideas


6 thoughts on “My Home Makeover Project (Part 1)

    • Thank you for visiting my blogsite, josephfrangieh. I saw your website online and, I am very impressed of your achievements in real estate and home designs. Thanks for sharing them.
      I look forward to read and learn more from your stories/entries.

      More power!

  1. You remind me of grand design project that sometimes I watch on telly. Doing makeover is not always easy especially with the house. 🙂

    Nice design interiors. 🙂

  2. I agree with you, Inge. I actually didn’t realize that I am interested in home design until I get my hands on this project. A watched HGTV a lot, and I got hooked. I am amazed how interior designers can make a simple home to a “wow” home.

    It’s a little bit late for me to go to school to study interior design, but I am trying to pick up some tips and ideas from my reading and watching so I can apply it in our little heaven. 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by, Inge. Anda di Indonesian sekarang?

  3. Love the muted colors as they are calming. 😉

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