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Photo Challenge: Unfocused



When I started my sabbatical leave this week, immediately one of the “nice things to do” I wrote down as part of my agenda was to study the basic features of my point and shoot camera. Embarrassing as it may sound, I am guilty.  Despite my obvious inherent passion for clicking and clacking my camera’s shutter button, I must admit, I was clueless on how to manipulate my gadget’s settings. Believe me, if I happened to capture images beautifully before, they were merely by chance: there was no knowledge skill base, no scientific approach nor artistic experimentation applied to create them. In other words, I was simply lucky to have thrown the shutter at the right place and at the right time. Due to my naiveté, many times the images I captured, if not overexposed and underexposed, were UNFOCUSED.

In photography, unfocused pictures are said to be the result of a camera not focused when the shutter is released. This experience can be unfortunate, especially if the event was one that would not be seen again – for example a graduation or a wedding. Although by accident I seem to have captured enough unfocused images to make me believe it is one of my fortes, still, when I learned this week’s theme, I felt a little bit curious on how to capture one, if it was done intentionally. I tried my luck, and threw my shutter once, twice, and thrice. However, to my dismay and surprise, I was not getting the right image I wanted to portray. So, applying what I have learned from my reading the book, “Digital Photography Basics: A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Great Photos” (Kathy Burns-Millyard), I decided to play with my settings. Since my intention was not to capture a great photo, but instead a blurry image, I intentionally went against what was suggested in Millyard’s book: I adjusted the setting to the Scene Mode and from its menu I selected Sunset even though I was taking the picture indoor. I also played with the Exposure Compensation and adjusted it to the negative direction. I framed the image in my camera’s display, pressed the shutter button to shoot, and voila – gotcha… UNFOCUSED image!

From this exercise, I realized that taking a good picture is no different from managing our own fate. After all, we can’t always wish for the stars to align and make it work for us. To succeed, it is important that not only we understand the importance of being FOCUSED on our goals, but it is also vital that we carry in us the appropriate mindSET in life.

Life is like learning photography, sometimes you need to get the book out.” – KM

Blogger’s Note:

To my loving husband who just completed his course requirements in Digital Forensics, this blog is for you. Thank you for allowing me to use my graduation gift to you for this week’s photo challenge. With your unwavering discipline to focus, like this plane, I have no doubt that you will continue to soar high and reach heights limited only by your imagination. 143


9 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Unfocused

  1. true! As much I would like to have more books to read, my growing photography books are the most books I bought in a lifetime! I like how you compared photography to life, we need light!

    I don’t really know how to operate a point and shoot, but judging from the photo you posted, it was blurry due to (this is only from what I know and I don’t know much :p) A: lack of proper lighting B: shaky, unsteady hands. Sometimes even if there’s not enough lighting and you don’t wanna use flash or fill light, a tripod will do the trick.

    Nice post, Tess!

  2. oh, I mean “as much as I would like NOT to have more books to read” …

    • Thanks for your comments, Mrs. Rogers. I am just starting to learn my gadget, and I am sure I still have a long way to go – many more clicking and clacking on my shutter button. The good thing is, I know that my “Santa Claus” is noticing the effort I am exerting to learn more about photography. Hopefully, my wish to own a DSLR cam will be granted before the year ends (*wink, wink)

  3. Well done, you took a great bad picture 😀

    What do you think of mine? I took it in the park, but the duck was waving just to damm hard for the setting I had chosen. I wasn’t quick enough to change. As you maybe know, duck do this a lot, but also very fast. I waited a few minutes to catch it again, but the duck wouldn’t move. I turn my back and he was doing it! Hehe.

  4. Oh your photo is VERY pretty, Robert. Yes, despite its blurriness. I left a message on your blogsite. Thanks for visiting.

  5. Good for you… it all adds up in the end right? 🙂

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