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Photo Challenge: Together


TOGETHER (April2012)

Immediately the word “relationship” came to my mind when I read this week’s theme. As the dictionary defines, the word together means “into or in relationship, association, business, or agreement, as two or more persons.” ( Its definition is so succinct, it reminded me of the book about marriage by Shannon Ethridge, which I am currently reading. Not that I need any coaching (according to my husband), but the book was a gift from a friend who has an excellent taste when it comes to  good reads.

Long before saying my most awaited “I dos” with my husband, not only did I spend researching for my MA thesis why today’s marriages collapse, but I also read tons of books about what really goes on inside a man’s head. It’s not really curiosity, believe me. My interest in the study of man-woman relationship is prompted out of fear to duplicate a catastrophic affair. Definitely, I want to avoid the valley trod by those brave souls whose relationships led to a sour grapes and a bitter conclusion. I must admit, letting go and moving on intellectually is not one of my best fortes.  You might be surprised that I am a little bit stubborn.

So, what makes a couple stick TOGETHER through thick and thin? In my opinion, it entails more than love. I have seen a lot of people who ardently professed their undying love for each other in a lavish ceremony, and yet after a few years and 1.5 children they part ways at the end. Does this mean, they no longer love each other? Not necessarily. Some of them are still crazy about each other, but just can’t stand being TOGETHER. So, the question is, how can we keep the passion in our relationship always burning?

Admittedly, I have read enough theories about relationship to sink a battleship, but I am still an apprentice in reality. I am still in the honeymoon stage, so to speak. However, from my reading Shannon’s Ethridge’s book on connecting with our partner, I have learned that the key to make a marriage fulfilling is to spice up our love for our special someone with other important ingredients such as generosity and consideration. Ms. Ethridge describes it by displaying a certain COMMITMENT to maintain balance between our needs and our partner’s needs, and recognize how they all work together in order to create synergy in the relationship.

According to Ethridge, to uphold the “stickiness” in our relationship with our husband/wife we need to learn to connect intimately with him/her, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She explained that, “When our husband takes the time to look past the externals of what we look like, to look beyond what we can do for him, and to recognize who are we as a beautiful person created in the image of God, that is when we feel valued and cherished. The same is true in how a wife looks at a husband. He wants you to think he’s eye candy and wants you to appreciate all he does for you, but his greatest desire is for you to respect who he is in the CORE of his being. I definitely agree with Ethridge that when we experience deep spiritual connection and indescribable euphoria in our soul over and over in our marriage, it fulfills us in a way that nothing and no one else possibly can.

“Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking TOGETHER in the same direction. “ – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

* This picture was taken at Serengeti Plain, Busch Garden.

*I dedicate this blog to my beautiful SOTC sisters. Mrs. Rogers, thank you for sharing your book with me.


19 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Together

  1. It’s nice the way you interwove the meaning of relationships with your photo. I hope people take the time to read your insightful write. From my perpective, you have some good points. These things and more create for good relationships. I always feel that people should be like trees in a marriage. Bending with the daily issues to and fro. Those trees that break are too rigid or diseased to be saved. The ones that fertilize each other are the ones that flourish. My husband and I have had two strong commitments we do everyday. The first is we never go to bed angry with each other. Doing that, only festers the issue for more hours. They are much worse in the morning. The second is we give each other a 5 minute hug in the morning and a 5 minute hug every night. You can have more throughout the day but jobs and other things can get in the way. I find these two things have kept us smiling and happy. Of course, a good sense of humor can help, too. But generally those two are of the utmost importance. Knowing when you go to bed that a strong man has his arms around you can help all of the days issues fade away. Starting your morning with a mans strong arms around you can carry you through any disaster in your day. Well … now haven’t I gone on??? Oh – I will be celebrating my 47 anniversary this August.
    Graet photo – nice clairity.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog ….

    • Thank you for your comments, and very interesting pieces of advice on marriage, Isadora. I’ll keep in mind your valuable insights, and maybe borrow some of your suggestions to spice up more my already happy marriage 🙂 Congratulations in advance to your forthcoming wedding anniversary.

      Keep posting. I think your blogsite is very interesting 🙂

  2. Great post and great photo. thank you for visiting my interpretation of this week’s theme found on my photoblog:
    I’ve also been writing about my relationship with my husband on my other blog:
    Making time for each other is so important. We can get caught up in our work, our children etc., that we forget our partner/spouse. My parents regularly hugged each other, a bit like your commentor… and I remember when my dad came home from work, the first thing he would do would be to hug my mum, then us. My husband did not come from a demonstrative home so he found it difficult to give me that intimacy. However, after 27 yrs of marriage and with a lot of help (from God loving friends, and God Himself) he can now hug me this way and not expect it to become anything more. Discovering what the other needs, and giving that, is so important.
    Thanks for the like on my blog, and I am enjoying reading your post.

    • Thanks for your nice words, Kate. I definitely agree with your views: Surely “Love always begets love!” I enjoy your post as well, and I look forward to see more. Take care!

  3. Great photo and great blog!

  4. Nice photo.

  5. I love the pic and your words very introspective. How do you do it? You must have a talent for linking the visual and imagery. HF

  6. Zebras are really in vogue, all of a sudden!
    Togetherness certainly depends on a number of factors. I think, too, that the core for a lasting marriage is for the couple not only to love, but to like, respect and admire one another. Respect and admiration have to be earned. I speak from the experience of 48 years of married life – yes, with the same partner!

    • I totally agree! 🙂

      With your long years of experience in marriage, I bet writing a novel on this topic will be easy “peasy” for you. Keep me posted.

      Thanks for the like. I am following your posts, too. Keep up the good work!

  7. Where is that taken? Here in the Phil.? 🙂 Nice shot!

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  9. you’re welcome, Tess. Thanks for sharing this wonderful excerpts 🙂

  10. someone once said “it takes three to make a marriage – you, your spouse, and God.” i’ve found that this recipe works really well 😉 lovely take on the challenge and a wonderful post to go with it too. thanks for passing by my blog and for liking my post too. have a great day! 🙂

  11. Gorgeous and they are such fascinating animals. 🙂

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