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Photo Challenge: Sun



Now that the spring has sprung, Floridians have started marching in unison like emperor penguins in Antartica to enjoy the prestine beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. This reminded me of this picture which I snapped sometime in 2010 while visiting the famous Ft. de Soto located just outside the city of St. Petersburg, Florida. I was immediately captivated when I saw the brilliant SUN shining on the water. Its sheen was basking ang illuminating the notable iconic span of the SUNshine Skyway Bridge. The sight was indeed breathtaking! Its no wonder why fishermen – or even heron find solace in such beautiful body of water on this SUN shiny day.


7 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Sun

  1. A beautiful shot but I noticed something else that intrigued me. It doesn’t seem like you’ve used a fisheye lense or a panoramic camera but you’ve still rendered a definite curvature in the horizon under the bridge. At first I thought it was an optical illusion until held I straight edge up to my monitor. How’d you do that?

    • Thanks for the like, Mof. I can immediately tell you are an expert in the field of photography because you instantly noticed my “not so sophisticated” shot 🙂 True, I used point and shoot camera in capturing this image. How did I do it? the only explanation I can think of is, I was standing at a place on earth, and as the earth went spinning by I clicked the shutter (bazinga!). *Joke*

      Honeslty, I am a preschooler in the realm of photography. But since I am very interested in visual arts, I am taking advantage of my sabbatical leave to spend more time with my camera: play with the different features, read, and understand more about photography. Hopefully, my husband will notice my interest (*wink, wink), and buy me a DSLR soon 🙂

      You also have interesting posts, Mof, and I look forward to see more in the future.

  2. Lovely composition. I agree with the mofman. The bridge also contributes to the horizon effect. Many nice elements – how the poles reach towards the bridge in perfect parallels – and the heron waiting for a free meal. Also love the bright sparkles filling up the left space. Nice job! Here’s my take on “Sun” taken in the Serengeti:

    • Coming from an expert photographer/blogger like you, Anne, it’s such heart warming to hear such nice words. I really appreaciate it!

      Your post is awesome as always. Love it!

  3. Thank you, Amar. Your post is very interesting, too. Good job!

  4. This is beautiful… I love the calmness of it too. 😉

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