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Photo Challenge: Arranged

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ARRANGED (April2012)

Flying caterpillar? I don’t think so…

While it is true that a caterpillar can’t fly until it goes through the cycle called metamorphosis, in this photo you might get the impression that this caterpillar has taken a leap of faith; has bypassed the necessary molting process, and attempted flight – albeit no wings. Why is that you say? It’s ARRANGED, and planned. In reality the illusion you see is a caterpillar crawling across my windshield on one beautiful Sunday drive. To make it appear on the same level as the trees around it, I waited for my furry new found friend to crawl nervously inch by inch, where it eventually perched perfectly centered on the blue sky background on my windscreen. I then frantically threw my camera’s shutter.  Voila, I got my flying caterpillar!


One thought on “Photo Challenge: Arranged

  1. Wow, great timing and funny story. I always like how you combine your shots with the topics, very creative. Keep clicking and have fun! HF

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