pinay e-motion

a heart across the ocean

Photo Challenge: Through


THROUGH  (March2012)


Through trials and tribulations,

Hold on and have strong faith;

Pray to have an open mind,

And, never allow  the feeling of hate.  


Believe that things happen for a reason,

We dare not question why;  

One lesson I’ve learned in life.

To win, you need a winning spirit, or you can always  try – and try, and try!




5 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Through

  1. Very calming and placid pic. I see the tire tracks imprinted on the sand, was that you driving through?

    Also, I like your words you left us with, they will surely inspire us to push through! HF

  2. beautiful image..and nice poem to describe it…welldone 😉

  3. A lovely image and inspiring words.


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