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Spring Cleaning 101


If there is a word to describe my first spring here in Florida, it would be sneezefull.  After so many hachoos, or hatching as I say it, the salient spring pictures of buds and blooms in my mind were accentuated by clogged nasal passages and aggravating sinus pressure.  This is the reason why spring cleaning takes precedence in our household as soon as winter season says adieu. However, as I was reading an article by Lisa Nichols about spring cleaning, I learned that more than housecleaning, it is also important that we take a fresh and honest look inwardly to dust off our emotions and intentions. According to her, to realize our true potential we must clear out the clutter in the four most critical “rooms” of our life: Health, Relationships, Finances, and Spirit.

Among the four areas, its Nichol’s arguments on Work & Finances I was struck the most. I feel that she made a valid point when she said that to move toward wealth, we have to shift to a financially healthy mind-set. According to her, the first step is to identify the script that we have been following. Eureka,  mind scan – what script?  Oh boy, first step and I already failed. Now it makes sense. I may be rich in friends, love, and optimism, but my lack of financial script is the reason why my pocket has also abundance of lint – no jingalingaling.  I definitely need a housecleaning in my financial area to attract more “cha-ching” (money sound) into my bank account. To do that, I need to develop what Nichol’s referred to as: 1) An empowering affirmation/script, such as, “I am an epitome of abundance!” and, 2) designing a financial forecast for this year. That means following the footsteps of the billionaires who plan their lives ahead of time; making accountable of the cash flow and taking control of the money. More than financial success, my spring goal  is to start  financing  my dream; investing  my hard earned money to good use  and things that really matters most to me. I know that if I can see it, I can be it!

“Spring cleaning is a joyful and purposeful step toward a life of your design.” – Lisa Nichols


4 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning 101

  1. wait, so how do I apply the Work & Finances to my shopping??? Realistically I mean. 😮 should I not buy new shoes every month? Should I buy clothes only when I outgrew them? what is “ideal” when it comes to shopping?

  2. According to Lisa Nichols, doing financial forecast means, finding out how much money you will earn. How can you up that number? How much do you owe? How much do you plan to spend? Be fiscally accountable for your action. Again, you have to be clear and specific when outlining what you want for your life. In my opinion, shopping is not the issue, the question is can one afford it? …

  3. The question is:Can one afford it? I agree with this.
    I like to buy things without going into debt. That means I buy with cash. If I don’t have enough money for something I’d like to buy, I don’t buy it. I save enough money first, then I buy what I want with the saved money. I like to put away some money for emergencies. Being a pensioner, my funds are limited. I try to live within my means. And I do not strive to earn extra income. When I am prudent, my pension lasts for all my needs. If living costs go up and my pension doesn’t go up accordingly, I have to make adjustments. There are things that are essential to have. But with some things I can budget, as for instance with food. Home cooked meals can be cheap and eating out can be left to special occasions and it doesn’t have to be a three course meal.
    I think where people are most vulnerable and likely to fall into debt is when they live in an area where no affordable rent is available. You have to have a roof over your head, right? So unaffordable rent can be a huge problem. I pity people who have to pay too much for housing.
    As far as buying shoes every month is concerned. Who would really need a new pair of shoes every month? If I am very rich, by all means I can indulge in something like this. Even an average income earner can indulge when they save in other ways. Most people have certain choices. As long as you don’t go into debt because you spoil yourself with things that aren’t really necessary! I would say if at all possible try to avoid debt. If you have to take up a loan, work out before how much is possible to pay for instalments.
    ‘Be fiscally accountable for your action.’ I think this is very good advice!

  4. Ladies please. The whole idea of spring cleaning is to give to the needy to make room for more stuff. Then go shopping! My plan is to depart this old world at least 1 mil in debt and beat the system! HF

    P.S. I think this MM gal (stands for More Money) is rich and boy would I like to go shopping w/ her! Money Money Money I luv it!

    P.S.S. I love the post E-mo. I thought you were taking me in one direction, and I wound up someplace else, like a twisting turning movie, great. Also, the bank is very cool where did you get it? HF

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