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Photo Challenge: Down


DOWN  (Feb2012)

                                                                           Falling Down

Walking Down

Looking Down?

 Don’t Fall Down

 If you find yourself feeling down and overwhelmed, don’t even think of  carrying your trouble by yourself. Instead,  LOOK UP.  He loves you!


8 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Down

  1. Very nice sequence. Thank you.

  2. fab photos’ and love your take on theme.. 😉

    • Thanks for the nice words, Cobbie. I must admit that support and appreciation from you and the rest of our friends from serves as my inspiration. I am a newbie in photography. As a matter of fact I still use point and shoot camera in my entries 🙂 But, I guess it’s all right. I look forward to see more of your post in your website. I think you are a great blogger. Keep up the good work! – pinay e-motion 🙂

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