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The Silver Lining


When my dream job did not materialize as I anticipated, immediately my left side of the brain (known as the logical side) raced to console my emotion, and convincingly made it believe that it was no big deal. Although I thought it was a hokey idea, it worked for a while – but not for long.  No matter how much I had tried to bottle up my feelings, the nagging frustration continued to linger.

It was not the best feeling ever, I can assure you of that. Not at all when I spent months and weeks discerning, hoping, and praying for a career, which I think perfectly matches my education, experiences, strengths, and interests. I know that I like the job – no, actually I love it! – but I did not know that the effect of falling short, and not getting it would be that bad until the moment of truth came. However, as sad as it may have been, looking back I realize that it was not a total letdown after all. If there is something I learned from the experience, I see that in the midst of my disappointment one thing has become clear: since I had my significant career change, I have been wondering all along what is the perfect job for me. Well, at least now I have unraveled the mystery: it is this job, or one like it, that fits the bill! Once again, I came through a storm to realize that every cloud indeed has the proverbial Silver Lining.


2 thoughts on “The Silver Lining

  1. I hear yah! Been a ping-pong at work many many times. Meaning, when they gave me a good news then retract it. Just upping your hopes up, then BAM takes it away. I actually think I already masterred the art of being disappointed from great expectations. Hehe.

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