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Photo Challenge: Regret


REGRET (Feb2012)

REGRET can be a feeling of remorse we  normally  experience when we are confronted by broken dreams, promises, and shattered relationships.  We seem to be  abhorrent to the  life experience of upheaval.  We forget that sometimes it can be a gift.  Remember the line of Liz Gilbert, ( from the movie, “Eat, Love, and Pray”)  “Ruin is the road to transformation.”


8 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Regret

  1. Beautiful photo.

  2. From one pinay to another, your post is great!
    Wishing that life will not bring you any regrets because you live a life that is full and meaningful!


  3. This the second time I came across that “Ruin is the road to transformation” line a week. Hmmm… I guess it’s time to watch the movie.

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  5. Great entry my friend 🙂

  6. That’s a tonnes of seashells!

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