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Photo Challenge : Ready


READY (Feb2012)

Ready to launch (Ft. de Soto Park, Tierra  Verde, Fl.) 


Ready to strike (Fisherman’s Landing, Tampa, Fl.) 


Ready to go home (St. Pete Beach, Fl.)

As a wise man once said, there is time for everything. You just have to be READY when that time comes.  


14 thoughts on “Photo Challenge : Ready

  1. I like all the photos but the first one is my favorite.

  2. A really great collection, well captured. 😉

  3. I love the quote that accompanies your gorgeous photographs.

  4. Thank you orples. Please update me with the development of your book.

  5. Wow, wonderful sunset.

  6. Lovely, especially the first picture. It’s amazing how they can stand utterly still for a long time, then suddenly strike.

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