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Facing the Dragon Without Fear


I noticed that every time the New Year comes I feel totally rejuvenated and empowered. There is something about the coming of a new year that makes me hopeful and incredibly excited about fresh possibilities and the rich promises it may bring. The other day I was reading about forecasts in the 2012 Chinese Year of the Dragon. According to its predictions,  this year is likely to bestow blessings of harmony, virtue, riches, fulfillment and longevity. It is also believed that this year will also be about innovations and advances. While I recognize that some astronomical forecasts indeed do come true, I still believe that we, together with our reasoned choices in life, and faith in the power of the Divine Providence, make our own fate.  “Life is what we make of it,” so to speak.     

Thus, as I face the year 2012, I see it as another opportunity to shake off my trepidations and embrace the success and happiness that are mine for the taking. There is no sure guarantee that I won’t stumble while chasing my dreams, but I guess the key is never to lose heart and never quit trying. I was reading an article about living fearlessly recently and  here are 5 important lessons  that have inspired me. I hope they can  continuously serve as my inspiration  (and maybe to you as well) while I face the challenges of the “Dragon” this year.

1. “I am responsible for my own actions.” – Constance White

2. “Power means not counting the knockdowns but the get-ups” – Lisa Nicholas

3. “On the other side of fear is the potential for a delicious existence filled with  power, opportunity, and joy” – Essence

4. “Strength comes from love. Courage comes from wisdom.” –Star Trek

5. “Even just trying makes me a success.” – Essence



3 thoughts on “Facing the Dragon Without Fear

  1. Great attitude and spirit! I hope all that you desire becomes a reality for you, and 2012 provides you, Strengh, Love, Courage and Wisdom. HF

  2. Very profound. A million thanks, HF!

  3. I very much like all the five quotes., especially Nr. 4.
    Wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR with strengh that comes from love and courage that comes from wisdom!.
    I just noticed HF wrote in his comment the same words for you!
    So now I better go back to Nr. 3 which implies that you can overcome fear and this brings you power, opportunity and joy!
    Stay positive and have a very successful year. Best wishes, Uta

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