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Weekly Photo Challenge 2011


(postweekDec.2011) CELEBRATION

                            A cake to celebrate the gift of life   




(postweekDec.2011) WAITING



Hope and don’t give up. Success comes when you patiently persevere and wait!





(postweekNov.2011) FAMILY

                                         a family of gourds, fall’s greatest attraction 





postweekNov.2011) BREAKFAST

                          Breakfast at Frogs Pond – hmmm… yummy, yummy!

For me the best breakfast is the one from husband — with love





(postweekNov.2011) WONDER









The daily surprises of life is a WONDER to me …





(postweekNov.2011) WINDOWS

Windows open opportunity for us to enjoy the outside world.

I took these pictures while visiting the new Salvador Dali Museum located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Besides Dali’s impressive collection of paintings, the architecture of its museum is an art in intself. Its large glass getway and skylight windows are truly opulent.




(postweekOct.2011) POSSIBILITY

Possibility is about taking chances. You will never know if something is POSSIBLE until you TRY it. For me, possibility is  about crossing the bridge to see what is in-store for you at its very end. It is about spirit and tenacity to test the water with your feet without fear.

Possibility is also about soaring high: Believing in yourself and  believing that yes, INDEED you can fly!





(postaweekOct.2011): OPPORTUNITY

I took this picture while on a vacation in the Philippines. I and my husband woke up one early morning and what welcomed us was this magnificent red flame of  beauty. To me, SUNRISE depicts the meaning of OPPORTUNITY. It signifies the opening of the heaven’s door for a  new day: another chance to dream, another chance to hope…

Note: The date of our camera was set according to USA eastern standard time.


34 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge 2011

    Mine is posted today.
    What a great photo.
    I have never been there.
    Thanks for posting this!!

  2. I love Fall the one photo that speaks to me in mine is the one where it looks as if someone is looking “up” into the tree and circles…wow. I know right?!!!

  3. Beautiful 🙂

  4. Every new sunrise there is a new beginning .

  5. Cool! My mom and dad tell me they’ve seen moments like this when they were younger, living in the Philippines. Nice picture.

  6. Wow! That was a lovely picture of sunrise! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Waiting sunrise is one of peaceful moment 🙂

  8. Love the birds, wonderful shots! 🙂

  9. lovely photos – and a wonderful thought about sunrise

  10. congratulations on participating in the photo challenge! glad you saw the possibility, and took the opportunity to do so 🙂
    great images – and i like what you say about the sunrise, too!
    thanks for sharing.

  11. I appreciate your compliments, pix & kardz.

  12. Sunrise gives opportunity to live 🙂 Nice words.

  13. Interesting windows! Love all the angles.

  14. What an amazing building. Who’s the architect?

  15. Wow that mountain side home is something else. What an eye you have! How did you get the clouds to co-operate and frame that beauty so perfectly? HF

  16. Wow those eggs, bacon and sausages look incredible and edible! Not to mention the toasty toast and the Mickey Java!
    Hot Fix

  17. You were right, my breakfast-subject was quite interesting. Thanks.

  18. Ooh,I really enjoyed this photo challenge post. It is unique. Thank you for visiting my blog and “liking” my post. Margie

  19. waiting for breakfast to arrive:

  20. I love your pictures for the Windows Photo Challenge!! 🙂

  21. What lovely images fo ‘waiting’

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  23. beautiful images of the birds

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