pinay e-motion

a heart across the ocean

Welcome Home



Looking at the window pane,
She saw the leaves from trees swaying.
For a couple of months now,
Dropping temperature, she has been experiencing.

Though there is cold,
she is warmed inside.
Knowing the fate she holds,
a flight that is bright.

But as she thinks about home,
women like her cross her mind.
How many of them are loom?
Going distance, finding chance in another land.

Yesterday she got a telephone call,
From another friend , who’s like her, has left home.
The news said, new brides have flown tall.
Joining husbands in a world far from home.

She never thought of going away,
fate led her to her destiny.
Love conquers and gives way,
exile in heaven, her sentenced by God Almighty.

Though life is good in another world,
There are times her heart speaks of yearnings.
Familiarity she knows:
That’s all what she think is missing.

Lucky, that’s what her friends call her.
Her blessings are just pouring.
Peace of mind, fidelity everyday she wears
Complaint has no place for hearing.

But she wonders how many women have same fate?
She heard not all news are great.
Some women also suffer,
if not domestic violence, from bluffer.

Who said adjustment is easy?
She experiences, they are all tricky.
From changing status to adopting culture
Going through them is like meeting vulture.

In foreign land, she then realized
No matter how good you thrive
You are still stranger in paradise,
feeling of home – you always long, search and find.


2 thoughts on “Welcome Home

  1. BFF says a lot to me. Time, space, friendship I like the way you put all these elements together. Very enjoyable, thank you, HF.

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